Group Coaching

In partnership with Goals Glasgow South.

Group Football Coaching Sessions

Attendance to any of the hour-long coaching sessions listed on this page is just £6. There is no need to pre-book, and you can pay for each session on arrival at the Goals Glasgow South reception.


Our group coaching services run on three different days of the week.
Each day caters for slightly different age ranges as well as slight variations to what is included.

Sunday Football Coaching School

Here we will deliver a variety of football coaching drills that have been developed by combining pieces taken from each of our other coaching services.


These coaching hours will contain the fun of a 121 Football Camp, the feel of a Team Training Session and the intensity of a 121 Football Coaching Session.

Early Yearsage 3-5 year olds(1pm-2pm)
Middle Schoolage 6-8 year olds(2pm-3pm)
Upper Schoolage 9+ year olds(3pm-4pm)

Friday Night Football

Available to everyone aged 8 years and above on Friday Evenings 7pm – 8pm.


Come along for some light coaching and then straight into competitive matches. The idea of our Friday Night Football service is to provide a level of competitive match conditions to those who are looking for more game time each week.


Our experienced 121 football coaches will be on hand to both supervise and provide advice to those in attendance. The majority of the hour will be game time. The focus here is not training/coaching and we aim to have players playing in matches for as much of the hour as possible.

Coaching Schoolage 8+ year olds(7pm-8pm)