Cancellation Policy

121 Sports Coaching is committed to providing a positive, fun and beneficial service to all customers.


Unfortunately, when a session is cancelled without giving enough notice, others are prevented from getting the chance to receive the service.



Whilst our first priority is always the well-being and development of our customers, we must also look to run an efficient and cost-effective enterprise in order to continue to deliver our service to you and others in the long run.



As a result we have established the following terms surrounding the cancellation of agreed and pre-booked coaching sessions.



We understand that exceptional circumstances do occur and have tried to allow for these occurrences as best we can.



We hope that everyone understands why there is the need for this policy and that we are always striving to be able to deliver a better service to all of our customers.



  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours before any scheduled 121 Football Coaching session to avoid
    any charge.
  • Cancelled sessions that do not meet the required 24 hours cancellation period may be re-scheduled
    for a day and time within the next 6 days from the original booking time and avoid any charge.
  • Sessions cancelled without the required 24 hours’ notice and that are not re-scheduled within the
    allowed 6 days following, will be subject to a charge of £15. This is to avoid 121 Sports Coaching or
    their coaches from suffering any losses from the cancellation.
  • Payment of the £15 charge can be made at the time of cancellation or at the time of your next 121
    coaching session.
  • If the sessions are part of a pre-paid block, or monthly payment the customer can decide to rearrange
    the session within the allowed 6 day period or pay the £15 cancellation fee or simply lose that session
    from their block.

Please contact us via your regular method of contact (EMAIL / FACEBOOK MESSENGER / TEXT MESSAGE or PHONE CALL) 24 hours prior to your scheduled coaching session to notify us of any cancellations.



We always recommend and appreciate as much notice as possible, so if you know of upcoming clashes or holidays in advance, please let us know as soon as possible.




To cancel a session booked for Tuesday 20th 5pm-6pm, please let us know by 6pm on the Monday 19th. If prior notification is not given, you will be charged £15 for the missed booking, unless it can be re-arranged within the next 6 days, the last day of which would be Monday 26th.


PHONE: 0141 638 0774